The real estate for industrial purpose includes plant office, warehouse, plant, etc.  In great Taipei area, there are considerably many industrial parks.  However, the regional conditions of each area are different. 
Besides, the structure, power load, loading/unloading planning, elevated height, beam/girder span, air conditioning, auxiliary facility and traffic conditions, etc. of each building are also not the same.  In order to be able to correctly provide the service of this kind of product, Tech has good market investigation and legal requirement research ability, and not only experienced in the related lease terms or transaction details, but also under full control. 

The industrial real estate is highly significant to the manufacturing industry with continued expansion.  On the other hand, the manufacturing industry in Taiwan, compared with those of other nations, accounts for more reliance on it.  In particular, the prosperous development of high tech industry in Taiwan ensures stable growth in industrial plant office, yet it is not easy to find out proper product and due planning.  At this time, we can provide some assistance.  In particular, the responsible person of the Company has background as an engineer, with close relation to manufacturing industry, able to better understand the need of industrial field. 

If you have any assistance concerning the real estate of industrial purpose, please contact our pro consultant group.

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