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The major demand clients of real estate market of commercial purpose are institutional investors, but not general consumers.  It is also because of this, in marketing planning positioning, it also differs from general real estate projects.  The general real estate marketing companies can hardly fulfill sales work in this category.  However, Tech, besides possessing commendable advertisement planning capacity, further has profound understanding about commercial circle investigation and current industrial status.  In particular, it is very familiar with lease condition, applicable legal requirements.  Therefore, we can correctly and effectively plan for marketing plans of a project for commercial purpose which is hardly able to be performed by general sales companies. 

The purpose of advertising is to call for attention of the appealing parties.  The aim of marketing is to successfully dispose asset.  Tech is a professional company with both marketing and advertisement planning capacity.  If you have any marketing planning concerning the real estate of commercial purpose, please contact with the specialized consultant group of the Company.

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