To any institutional investor or sector, selection of a proper office will directly influence the operation performance and image of it.  However, various kinds of information dealing with office market cannot be fully understood by general institutional investors or capitalists in an instant, since it deals with such issues as reasonable price, architecture function, traffic and environment, service regulations, tax laws, condition negotiation, etc. which all require profound knowledge.  In particular, real estate is highly regional in color, with different local laws and market modes.  Therefore, in the service of office market, such a professional company as us can play an extremely positive and important role!  Especially in terms of foreign traders, their lack of personal connections enables them to rely more on pro assistance.

Tech is not only outstanding in its professional image in the office market of Taipei, but also with close cooperation connections with the owners of various high-rise buildings.  For all these years, it has acted as agents for many projects and highly trusted by its clients.  It does not only allow investor clients to be able to apply asset to a more effective extent with upgraded remuneration, but also helps the clients in need to be able to easily and rapidly find out proper office locations, with effective condition negotiation, upgrading operation performance.  The so-called pro ability is not only merely an oral thing.  For example, in Taipei, we have already formulated detailed data for all office buildings, and controlled data of more than 5,000 clients including both owners and lessees, with superior market strength.

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