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Architecture investment is a capital-concentrated industry, in particular in the field of real estate of commercial purpose.  The amount of participating in investment is very huge.  The success/failure of any development project is not only related to the interest of an investor, but also with influence on resource allocation performance and commercial quality upgrading issues.  However, we notice many projects, with concurrent consideration of the ideas of an architect and a owner, yet after construction completion, encountered the situation of product positioning and planning in failure of conforming to service purpose.  Therefore, it has led to many poor commercial investment performance and idling assets can be perceived everywhere. 

Therefore, before the development of a project, precise product positioning shall decide half of success/failure of the product.  Tech happens to be one of the few expertise companies in market with true familiarity with architecture legal requirements, and deep understanding about the market trend related to general office, retail industry and industrial requirement, so as to be able to provide the most accurate recommendations.  In fact, we did provide many effective recommendations to numerous projects and the clients are also well returned.  Concerning the projects with wrong product positioning and hard with effective operation or sales performance, they shall remember their lessons:

“The product positioning shall decide the success/failure of a project.” 

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