The operation of a Retail space belongs to the industry of domestic need.  However, retail industries are numerous, each with different need conditions and characteristics; besides, such issues of approval of service registration and occupancy permit change, etc. may influence the residing of suppliers.  These are all related to considerably professional fields. 

Tech colleagues are extremely familiar with the related laws, and with rich experience.  They can also provide clients each kind of the most updated commercial circle market investigation data, to assist clients to perform comprehensive evaluation before opening a store, integrate the OEM suppliers on behalf, recommend planning industry categories, and provide various kinds of contract content to serve for reference and consultation. 

Concerning the investor owners, many projects was not through comprehensive evaluation during development period, therefore, after completion of construction of retail space, it often does not conform to market demand or fails to be planned properly, unable to solicit proper operation parties, causing improper utilization of many shopping malls and poor investment performance.  These are all problems which can be solved through the assistance of Tech.  In Taiwan, the retail industry does not belong to one with high profit.  Therefore, accurate evaluation and positioning before opening a store can reduce investment risk and upgrade profitability. 

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