Services-Special Project

Such rather scarce products as land, hotel, shopping center, parking lot, gas station or other investment sales projects, etc. are not only less in supply quantity, but also with scarce demand parties.

Tech has good connection in institutional investment field of Taipei, and many colleagues come from investment development industry.  Therefore, it has good experience in investment evaluation.  What is more, the Company has concerned on industrial change analysis, and research on various government incentive investment laws in normal time, therefore, it deeply realizes the operation direction of each industry, able to provide each institutional investor due investment chances concerning timely access to information with deep confidence.

For example, the Company did participate in development, planning and marketing work of many parking towers in Taipei City.  To such a particular product, it is one of the few real experts able to control investment analysis and market direction.  Concerning such special cases as synthetic industrial and commercial area, and hotel, etc., they are also numerous in number.  We hope to be able to provide more positive real estate market analysis and trade work to real estate market of commercial purpose for each institutional investor, and this is also our specialization.


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