The price estimation of real estate of commercial purpose is more difficult than that of residential product, mainly because the product difference is extremely high.  If without good experience and prominent price estimation technology, otherwise it will cause considerably large deviation. 

In general, our price estimation principle deals mainly with market comparison method, and is properly revised with original price method and revenue reduction method.  Since our specialization is clear control of market trend, under market comparison method, we can accurately catch the market transaction price.  However, price estimation is a kind of value evaluation, still with slight deviation from real transaction price.  Basically, we maintain such deviation for our own price estimation targets below 5%.  Certainly, this requires considerable competency, in particular the market characteristic evaluation shall be fairly correct.  Due to the objectivity insistence on appraisals, we hope to provide clients the most reliable price expectation value, also enable clients to really control the market price, and investment remuneration ratio.

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